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For most of us, our hearing starts to reduce from age 50. With eyesight it is generally around 40. A small reduction in hearing doesn’t really matter as it has little impact on the quality of our lives.

But as our hearing gradually reduces further we deny the facts. Others might realise it before you do. At a certain point it impacts the quality of our life for both yourself and those around you and the only way to know when this happens is by having a hearing test.

Regular ear health and hearing checks are part of good health care, just like getting your eyes and teeth checked. They are recommended once every 3 years over aged 50 and we can pick up a range of conditions where early detection can be important.

Even if you presume you hear well, it is sensible to check since none of us know how much we don’t hear, or how much unnecessary strain we are giving ourselves.

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The Benefits of Hearing Aids

More than anything, hearing helps us keep connected to the world around us. Whether it’s communicating with friends and family, interacting with colleagues, enjoying a film, TV or waking up to birds singing. When you hear more easily, your quality of life improves.

A few changes you will notice with hearing aids

  • Conversations will be easier and more fun, especially in groups
  • You will appear younger, sharper and quick-witted as you react more accurately and promptly
  • Others will find you more interesting and easier to talk to as you become more engaged and topic-focused
  • TV programmes will interest you more as listening¬† becomes less hard work
  • Fatigue will reduce as you no longer have to waste as much mental energy concentrating on what people say
  • Increased brain stimulation will reduce the risk of dementia and memory loss
  • Music appreciation increases as you hear a wider range of notes
  • Teenagers will appear to mumble less!

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