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Why hearing aids are important

Updated: Apr 12

Sound advice

Alderley Hearing Solutions recognises that there are many of us suffering in isolation as a result of hearing loss made worse by Covid 19 and the physical impediments a mask causes those who rely on lip-reading and the struggle to hear conversations using technologies like Zoom.

Social Isolation

Experiencing the impact of social isolation on our health and well-being over the last year as a result of Covid 19 has made us only too aware of what it must be like if you are suffering hearing loss.  With lockdown coming to an end and the opportunity for each of us to socialise with our friends and family and enjoy outdoor gatherings, we recognise that those with hearing loss will still find that they feel a sense of isolation.

Reducing the risk of dementia

Hearing loss affects one in six people across the UK and the World Health Organisation has recently reported that this will increase to one in four people by 2050. Hearing loss in midlife can also raise your risk in developing dementia in the future by up to 40%. Recently health experts from the Lancet Commission claim that for those 45-65 years olds experiencing hearing loss simply wearing a hearing aid could significantly reduce your risk of developing this condition.

Recent survey findings

In a recent survey conducted by Alderley Hearing Solutions, we asked those with hearing loss how they felt before they were fitted with hearing aids. The majority of respondents said they felt frustrated, depressed and isolated from daily life. At Alderley Hearing Solutions we believe that the right hearing aids for you can change how you live your everyday life. But don’t just a take our word for it, we’ll leave it to one of our patients, Carolyn Harding, to explain, as we could not put it better ourselves – “Helped a lot, I don’t miss out on group conversations now!”

Hearing aids

During lockdown, we were considered an essential service and remained open during the pandemic with a very strict infection control policy which remains in place.

Reconnecting with the sounds around you starts with a free hearing assessment. So don’t put off that hearing test, book in with one of our audiologists who will be able to check the health of your ears at the same time as test your hearing. We recommend getting your hearing checked every two years and remember, at Alderley Hearing Solutions your hearing health assessment is free.

Hearing Aid Team

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