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What are the best Hearing Aids?

Updated: Apr 12

The best hearing aids are the ones most suited for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle needs. There are lots of different makes and models of hearing aids on the market, and they all offer something slightly different, with varying components, frequency range, and power levels to suit different hearing losses.

How do I choose a good hearing aid?

Modern hearing aids are digital electronic devices which don’t work at all until the software is downloaded. Once the model is chosen and the software downloaded, they then have to be programmed for your personal hearing prescription.

Even after ensuring your precise prescription is used, it is still important for your personal preferences and lifestyle to be considered. You might, for example, require a setting which reduces background noise when in noisy places, or a setting to increase quiet voices if you live with someone softly spoken, or an ability to reduce wind noise when walking a dog or playing golf.

The best hearing aids for you might not suit another person. Many modern hearing aids are highly technical and amazingly clever, but if they are not designed for your hearing loss then they won’t be the best for you.

Can I sharpen my hearing?

Aside from hearing aids, there are other steps you can take to sharpen hearing to improve everyday life.

Earwax removal is beneficial to our hearing and ear health care. Although some earwax provides natural protection for our ears, too much can affect our hearing. There are different types of earwax removal, such as micro-suction, gentle irrigation and syringing. Each method is better suited to different people. Once the treatment is complete, patients notice an immediate improvement in their hearing, as well as comfort.

There are a number of devices to assist with everyday hearing, such as TV Streamers. These devices are designed to improve the sound clarity of television. TV streamers enable the user to adjust the TV volume individually, without impacting anyone else watching. Users can continue to spend time with family and friends watching television, without being affected by hearing loss.

There are a number of other devices which can sharpen hearing, such as amplified telephones compatible with hearing aids, as well as phone and doorbell alerts.

What are the side effects of a hearing aid?

There are side effects which can occur from using hearing aids incorrectly. These include headaches, tinnitus, skin irritation, discomfort and an itchy ear canal. Side effects usually occur when the wrong hearing aid is installed, or if it is installed incorrectly. Even if the volume for a hearing aid is set to high, this can cause discomfort and headaches.

An audiologist can help to fix these side effects. The fitting of the hearing aid, as well as the software, is just as important as the hearing aid itself. Using a good audiologist to administer your hearing aid can prevent side effects from occurring in the first place.

How many years does a hearing aid last?

With the right aftercare and service, hearing aids can last for several years. It is recommended to have twice-yearly checkups for your hearing system. This way any potential issues can be resolved quickly.

Hearing aid servicing with an audiologist includes fine-tuning and personalised programming. This way the user can continue to alter the programming of their hearing aid should their hearing change slightly. Audiologists can also provide a thorough clean and inspection of hearing products, as well as replace any worn parts, such as wires and guards.

Hearing aids can be expensive so it is worth going to see an Independent Hearing Specialist for unbiased advice on which make and model will suit your hearing loss best, and provide the best value. You can book a free hearing test today. Alderley Hearing Solutions is fiercely proud of being independent, not owned by or tied into any particular manufacturer.

To find how we can help you find the best hearing aid, simply call us on 01625 582 140, email or visit us at one of our specialist hearing clinics at Alderley Edge or Macclesfield,

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