When did you last have your ears checked for the build-up of ear wax? If you answered ‘never’ or ‘I can’t remember’, then you should book today for a free check-up!

We check for a range of other issues such as congestion, retracted eardrums, infections and a variety of ear conditions. Most are easily treatable once identified. We also do a hearing test and invite you to take a copy of the results.


Hearing Tests

A hearing test involves finding out how loudly you hear different frequencies. Different parts of speech arise at different frequencies. The result of your test shows whether there are any parts of speech that you don’t hear easily. The test is simple. We ask you to sit in a sound booth and press a button every time you hear a tone.

Sometimes you might need a hearing test result (audiogram) as part of a medical check to see if you would benefit from hearing aids. It might be for a job application, a pilot’s licence or sometimes you might need it for a benchmark related to industrial noise exposure.


Hearing Aids

We stock and supply all makes and models of hearing aids and speech enhancers.  It is because we are familiar with all the makes and current models in the market place that we are uniquely positioned to advise on the best product for you at the best price

This also applies to ear moulds, swim plugs, broadcaster’s ear tips, and musician’s attenuators


Hearing Aid Programming

Hearing aids are the hardware and they don’t work until the software is installed, programmed and then further refined for your particular hearing loss.  The skill of and the care taken by your audiologist is what makes the difference.

We know that a “standard fit” can be significantly improved on and this is what we specialise in.


Repairs and Servicing

Repairs and servicing can often be done in house on our own workbench with a rapid turnaround at low cost.

Accessories & Assistive Listening Devices

There are lots of clever assistive listening devices that sometimes work with hearing aids and sometimes without.  They can help with listening to a conversation on the phone, watching shows on television, watching theatre performances, with meetings and lectures and even waking to a vibrating alarm clock in the morning.

There are many assistive listening devices other than traditional hearing aids to help people hear including:

  • Alarm Clocks, including vibrating and flashing
  • Amplified Telephones, mobile, and landline, hearing aid compatible
  • TV listeners – stand-alone and hearing aid connected
  • Loop systems
  • Phone and doorbell alerts

Instant assistive listening device for those who can’t manage hearing aids (Covers speech frequencies 200 – 6500 Hz)


Ear Wax Removal

Ears need wax, it is their natural protection from many ailments which wax keeps at bay.  But a build-up of too much wax causes discomfort and reduced hearing.   Ear wax removal is a quick and easy procedure and brings instant relief.

There are 3 key methods of removing ear wax – micro-suction, gentle irrigation and syringing.  Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages so we apply whichever method is going to be best suited to your ears.  When we have finished, we do a hearing test so you know how well you hear and we give you a copy of your test results to take away.

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Noise Protection

Hearing Protection

We offer a wide selection of generic and custom noise protectors to fit your specific needs, whether it is for noisy work conditions, shooting, motorcycling or rock concerts. Custom-fit industrial noise plugs, filtered to allow speech and fresh air, antiallergenic, all-day comfort, 3 levels of attenuation. Custom-fit ‘Sleep well’ soft feel, low profile, all-night comfort, reduces partner’s snoring.

Shooting earplugs

Shooters electronic custom fit, high tech earplugs. Range of options and colours. Essential protection which also enhances performance. Gives clear speech and environmental sounds, enables phone use, rapid shut down for loud sounds. Used by all top shooters and in competition shooting.

Musician Ear Plugs

Any music played at over 90dB, whether at a live concert or through loudspeakers can have irreversible effects on the health of your hearing.  This is the case if you are a musician or if you are in the audience. Correctly attenuated music plugs do not spoil music appreciation.  The true frequencies are still heard but the overall volume is reduced to non-damaging levels.

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