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If you can’t remember the last time you had your ears checked for a build-up of ear wax or any other issues, it may be time to book a free hearing test with Alderley Hearing Solutions.

We understand that better hearing can significantly improve your communication skills and quality of life, which is why our audiologists prioritise finding the right hearing solutions for you.

We check for a range of hearing problems such as congestion, retracted eardrums, infections, earwax and more. Most ear problems are easily treatable once they are identified. Catching any issues early on can also prevent problems from worsening, such as hearing loss.

We offer a tailored service so that we can find the right solution for your individual needs.


Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is important for our ear health care and hearing. It provides natural protection from many ailments. However, a build-up of too much wax in the ear canal causes discomfort and affects our hearing.   Our ear wax removal is a quick and easy procedure which brings instant relief and restores your hearing.

There are 2 key methods of removing ear wax:

  • Microsuction – recognised as one of the safest and most effective procedures for the removal of wax. This method employs air suction and a microscope to gently remove ear wax.

  • Irrigation (you may be more familiar with the term “syringing”) a controlled jet of warm water will be used to gently wash the wax out from the ear canal.

Each method is suited to different people and circumstances. We can advise and guide on the treatment most appropriate for your hearing health. Once complete, we carry out a hearing test to determine how effective the treatment has been. We can also provide you with a copy of your test results to take home.


Hearing Tests

Our free hearing test involves finding out how loudly you hear different frequencies so we can see if there are any parts of speech which you struggle hearing. The test is non-invasive and simple. We ask you to sit in a sound booth and press a button every time you hear a tone.

The results are shown in a chart (audiogram) which indicates how loudly you hear the different frequencies required for speech comprehension. We can use this to see which parts of speech are or are not heard. The hearing test can determine whether or not you would benefit from a hearing aid.

We can test your hearing at home as well as in our clinics.

Due to the gradual decline of our hearing, it can often be difficult to realise how significant our hearing loss is ourselves. It is something that’s usually picked up on by others when we turn up the TV too loud, ask people to repeat themselves regularly or miss out on conversations. This is why we recommend getting your hearing checked every 3 years if you are over the age of 50 years.

What to expect from a hearing test

 Hearing Aids

We stock and supply a wide variety of hearing aids and speech enhancers. We are familiar with all the makes and models currently on the market since we work with a number of major manufacturers such as Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, Unitron and Widex.

We can provide you with the latest hearing aid technology, such as rechargeable and invisible hearing aids.


 Hearing Aid Programming

Once we’ve been able to determine the most appropriate hearing aid for your hearing needs, we can decide on the software and programming. Hearing aids are the hardware and they need the correct software for the user to be able to hear perfectly. There is no hearing aid which works for everyone without making personal adjustments for the individual’s requirements.

The hearing aid itself and software need to be programmed to the user’s individual prescription and needs. Our knowledgeable and dedicated audiologists are able to refine the programming according to your specific needs.

There is no such thing as a “standard fit”, which is why we take the time to understand the perfect solution for you.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

There are lots of clever assistive listening devices (ALDs) which help amplify the sounds you want to hear.  ALDs bridge the gap between you and the sound source by eliminating the effects of distance, background noise and reverberation.  This helps you hear better in conversations and public places.

Types of ALDs include

  • Amplified telephones which allow you to turn up the volume

  • Direct TV streamers to your hearing aids which minimize the interference of background noise

  • Induction loops which amplify speech whilst reducing background noise in public spaces & meetings.

TV Listening Device
Remote mic plus
Personal Amplifier

Hearing Protection

Sometimes, the best method of protection is prevention, which is why we offer a number of solutions which can help protect your ear health and prevent hearing problems from occurring.

We offer a wide selection of generic and custom noise protectors, whether this is for work purposes, shooting, or even musical concerts. All of our noise protectors can be custom-fitted to your ears.


Industrial noise plugs


Earplugs for shooting


Earplugs for music

Our industrial noise plugs are filtered, so you can hear speech as well as allow fresh air pass to pass through. They are also antiallergenic, provide all-day comfort and 3 levels of attenuation. We also supply custom-fit ‘Sleep well’ earplugs, which provide all-night comfort and block the sounds of a partner’s snoring.

We can supply earplugs for shooting with a custom fit. These high-tech earplugs are available in a range of colours. This essential protection also helps enhance shooting performance. Clear speech and environmental sounds filter through the earplugs, enabling phone use and communication. These are a popular product with professional and competitive shooters.

Any music played at over 90dB (the level of noise produced by hairdryers), whether at a live concert or through loudspeakers can have irreversible effects on the health of your hearing, causing issues such as tinnitus (ringing or buzzing perceived in the ears).

Whether you are a musician or regularly attend musical events, earplugs can have long-term beneficial effects on your hearing. Appropriately fitted, musical earplugs do not spoil the musical experience. Our music earplugs ensure the true frequencies are still heard, however, the overall volume is reduced to non-damaging levels.

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