Earwax Removal Services

At Alderley Hearing Solutions, we use the latest earwax removal techniques to provide you with a safe and comfortable experience. Appointments can be made at our branch clinic or at your home.

We provide the full range of ear wax removal methods, as each is best suited to different conditions situations.

Gentle Irrigation

We irrigate your ears to gently remove any wax build-up, using an irrigator that delivers just the right amount of water at the right temperature and pressure through an angled probe. This procedure is safe, comfortable and effective.

Manual Removal

If the wax in your ear is very dry, we will recommend removal by manual hooking. This process involves using an endoscope or operating loupes to see into your ear canal, and then the wax is hooked out using forceps or manual tools. This is a very gentle, comfortable and silent procedure.


We also offer Microsuction where required. This gentle, clean and quick treatment uses an adjustable controlled suction pump to gently vacuum any blockages from your ear.

Why Choose Alderley Hearing Solutions

  • Highest hygiene care including COVID-19 regulations
  • Appointments can be made at our clinic or at your home
  • Prices for earwax removal are £80 inclusive of PPE and Hearing Test on completion
  • Safe, comfortable and highly effective treatment
  • All our Audiologists are fully HCPC qualified

We stringently comply with Covid-19 Regulations.

Please rest assured that Alderley Hearing Solutions are stringently following all of the current hygiene requirements and regulations set in place by the Government and Industry officials. If aftercare is needed, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be worn and we will also provide a mask for you – ensuring practice is conducted as safely as possible!

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