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Are you concerned that your child’s speech is not developing well, perhaps poor pronunciation? Or anxious that you don’t always get a response, or he or she doesn’t join in appropriately? Might it be a hearing loss or ear  congestion?

Too many children wait up to 6-9 weeks for an NHS paediatric assessment.  This really does matter because undetected hearing loss can have a major  impact on a child’s emotional and social development, educational  attainment and speech development.

We can save you and your child up to 8 weeks anxiety by getting the first step done without a waiting list. Appropriate intervention is almost immediately effective in over 80% of cases. Within 40 minutes, we can give you assessment results and next step advice. We can arrange onward referrals to either private or NHS.

We provide prompt assessments by Paediatric Specialist, Senior Audiologists (HCPC /


Full Paediatric Audiology Assessment £80 

Reassurance and explanations for parents and child

  • Related history – social, educational, emotional well being • Video otoscopy -image of ear canal

  • Age appropriate “ play audiometry “

  • Tympanometry to identify suspected middle ear pathology such as glue  ear and ear infections

Full Written Audiology Reports £65 

Appropriate for GP’s, ENT specialists, speech and language therapists and  health visitors.

  • Video and photo files of otoscopy

  • Audiogram

  • Case notes

  • Audiology observations

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This includes diagnosis, explanations and onward referrals.

Our paediatric service is tailored to the child’s needs in a warm and friendly environment.

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