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Join our Virtual Hearing Event

22nd Sep 2021

Let us help you hear more, with less effort A lot can happen in eighteen months, and many of the developments made in the field of hearing aid […]

Get Ready For A Summer Of Sound

2nd Jul 2021

As the days continue to grow longer and warmer and lockdown restrictions are easing further, it’s finally beginning to feel like summer across much of the UK. Summer […]

Hearing aids

Why hearing aids are important

30th Apr 2021

Sound advice Alderley Hearing Solutions recognises that there are many of us suffering in isolation as a result of hearing loss made worse by Covid 19 and the […]

transparent mask

COVID unmasks hearing loss

7th Sep 2020

How compulsory mask-wearing will affect those with hearing loss.  Communicating vocally with a face mask can be difficult, even for people with perfect hearing. Yet, this is even […]

Hearing Tests

A Guide to Deafness

22nd Jul 2020

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘deaf’ as ‘Lacking the power of hearing.’ The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘Deaf’ as ‘Unable to hear, either completely or partially’. Both these small phrases […]

hearing aids

What are the best Hearing Aids?

17th Jun 2020

The best hearing aids are the ones most suited for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle needs. There are lots of different makes and models of hearing aids […]

An Audiologist’s Guide to Hearing Loss

17th Jun 2020

We are blessed with 5 key senses and hearing is an important one of them. Hearing is considered the ‘Happy Sense’ as it is the one giving the […]

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