We understand hearing systems are important to our everyday lives. Whether it’s communicating with a loved one, relaxing watching television or working, hearing is an essential part of our day-to-day business. This is why we offer to carry out routine audiology inspections of your hearing aid to prevent technical issues or damage from occurring.

We want you to get the most from your hearing systems, so we provide you with tailored comprehensive lifetime aftercare and excellent service which includes:

  • Personalised programming and fine-tuning of hearing aids

  • Twice-yearly check-ups for the lifetime of your hearing system

  • Telephone helpline support

  • Extensive warranty on all products – and don’t forget, many repairs can be done in-house straight away

A few changes you will notice with hearing aids

  • Conversations will be easier, especially in groups

  • You will be sharper and quicker witted

  • TV programs will interest you more as listening becomes less hard work

  • You will be less tired as you won’t have to concentrate so hard on what people say

  • Increased brain stimulation will reduce the risk of dementia and memory loss

  • Music appreciation increases as you hear a wider range of notes

  • People will appear to mutter less

Hearing Aid Repairs and Servicing

We offer hearing aid repairs whether your hearing aid is from us or not. We understand how vital hearing is in everyday life and communication, which is why we aim to resolve any issues in-house with a quick turnaround. Repairs and servicing are often performed by our own technicians at a low cost.

Should you suffer from difficulties, we can often carry out repairs on the same day in our clinics.


Hearing Aid Maintenance

The following tips will help you keep your hearing aids in top condition:

  • If a hearing aid stops working it is usually one of 3 things:

    • Battery flat or low charge

    • Sound outlet blocked, usually caused by earwax – change the wax guard or brush the tip

    • Sound inlet blocked, usually due to sticky fingers, hair spray or dust.


  • Perform all cleaning of the hearing aid, battery compartments and battery changes over a table or tray

  • Remove your hearing aids at night and before showering or swimming

  • Keeping your aids in a dry aid kit overnight can reduce moisture and prolong longevity.

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