Hearing solutions
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Hearing solutions
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Hearing solutions
personalised for you

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Your local Hearing Experts

Alderley Hearing Solutions are your local hearing specialists. We have many years of experience and can help you with the following services:

  • Earwax removal
  • Hearing tests
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Hearing accessories

Our team of highly-skilled hearing care specialists will help you achieve your best hearing possible.

We have hearing aid clinics across Cheshire and the North West, including Alderley Edge, Macclesfield and Hale.

Alderley Hearing Solutions are a hearing care centre who take great pride in our work, and our ability to significantly improve people’s quality of life.

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Recognising Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is mainly a sensory loss that affects us psychologically and socially.

It can cause sound to become dull and muffled. This makes understanding speech, locating its source and picking it out against background noise tiring and frustrating. This means that following conversations on the phone, in meetings or socialising with friends can lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, stress, loneliness and even depression.

 For most of us, hearing levels start to decrease from the age of 50, whereas eyesight starts to deteriorate at around 40. A small reduction in hearing can still have an impact on the quality of our lives.

It is important to monitor your hearing loss as it can gradually begin to impact how well we communicate with each other. Others may even notice a change in how well you hear before you do. Making a few minor changes can have significant results.

Signs of Hearing Loss

1. Do the people around you seem to mumble and not speak clearly?

If you are misunderstanding people when they speak to you, this can often lead to a string of misinterpretations and miscommunications between you and those you are speaking to.

2. Has anyone ever asked you to turn down the volume of your television or radio?

 Whether you are watching TV, listening to music or talking on the phone, you might think that the noise level is perfectly normal until others tell you that the volume is too high.

3. Is it difficult to follow conversations in crowds or loud environments?

If you are having difficulty following conversations in crowds or if you have trouble differentiating between who is speaking to you in a noisy environment, this can be a sign of hearing loss.

4. Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves?

 This can make be frustrating for you and you may notice that others can become increasingly irritated when repeating themselves on a regular basis.

 5. Is it hard to for you to understand when someone talks to you from the side or behind?

It is important to know that identifying hearing problems is not easy and that your family and friends may notice symptoms and changes to your behaviour before you do.

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Possible Causes of Hearing Loss

  • Exposure to loud noise
  • Earwax
  • Ageing
  • Infection
  • Medication

Understanding what causes your hearing to change can help you in deciding what to do next and whether hearing aids are an option you wish to consider.

At Alderley Hearing Solutions we are here to help determine which hearing loss you have and what we can do to help.

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Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing is an important part of learning so it is important to be aware of the signs of hearing loss.

Children are more prone to middle ear infections which can cause hearing loss.

Signs of child hearing loss

Some important signs to look out for in children:

  • Inattentiveness: your child isn’t acknowledging you when you speak or sounds around the house
  • Moving to be closer to a speaker or television
  • Not reacting to loud sounds
  • Surprise when your child hears their name

There are solutions for children who suffer hearing loss so it is important to see the doctor first who will determine if it is an ear infection or something that requires a specialist referral with an audiologist.

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